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In a healthy community, everyone is empowered to be fit and functional, eat wholesome food, and manage their money to provide security and stability for their families.

The Community Wellness Initiative is a non-profit organization that offers programs and classes designed to help you:

  • Improve your fitness and function;

  • Make good food choices---even on a budget; and

  • Take control of your finances for today and tomorrow.

Programs take place at:


The Kingsley Association

6435 Frankstown Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Kingsley is on several bus lines and there is parking in front of and behind the building and on the street nearby.  You do not need to be a Kingsley member to participate.  

Our Programs

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CWI programs are intended to help you do three important things:

  • Get Your Movement Straight (Activity GYMS)

  • Get Your Meals Straight (Food GYMS)

  • Get Your Money Straight (Money GYMS)


Programs will change with each six-week session, based on need and community interest.
Here are a few prospective offerings in each category.

Activity GYMS

Get Your Movement Straight


Saturday Morning Workout Class for all ages

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 3

Senior Programming

Youth-specific Activities and Exercise

Young Adult and Adult Activities and Exercise

Stress Management


Get Your Meals Straight


Healthy Eating on a Budget

Nutrition Facts Panel Education

Meal Preparation Basics

Shopping Safari: Making Smart Choices at the Market

Cooking Demonstrations

Latchkey Cooks: Healthy eating for kids 9 through 15

Money GYMS

Get Your Money Straight


Budgeting Basics

Understanding Taxes - Income Taxes and Returns, Payroll Taxes

Saving and Investing; Retirement Planning

Steps to Home Ownership

Managing Credit and Reducing Debt

Life Insurance - Whole Life, Cash Value, Term. How It Can Work to Build Wealth

Young Dietitian

6435 Frankstown Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Call/Text: 724-882-4489

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